Is Food Expensive In Cairo?

How much does food cost in Cairo Egypt?


Re: Cost of eating out in Cairo.

Average KFC, McD, etc meal would cost about LE 35-40 (about $5) per person.

Average local food like foul, koshary would be about LE 10-20 per person if you eat at very local places..

Can you drink the tap water in Cairo?

Tap Water. In Cairo tap water is heavily chlorinated and relatively drinkable, but elsewhere it is generally unsafe to drink. Bottled water is cheap and readily available in even the smallest towns, but consider using iodine or a Steripen to reduce the use of plastic bottles, especially if you’re on a longer trip.

What do female tourists wear in Egypt?

Pants, Capris, Leggings, and Shorts Basically, as long as your knees are covered, you are good. So whether you choose pants or capris, you will feel comfortable and remain respectful. Local women wear long pants or skirts; however, I wore capris a couple of days with no issues.

What is best currency to take to Egypt?

Egyptian PoundsAs the writer above said – Egyptian Pounds, USD, and Euros are the most readily accepted currencies. Coming from Canada, I would suggest bringing USD. I would also recommend bringing a nice stash of $1 (USD) bills. The current exchange rate fluctuates between 6.1 and 6.2 LE (Egyptian pounds) per $1 USD.

What is famous in Cairo?

Best Things To Do in Cairo#1. Coptic Cairo (Old City) free. #1 in Cairo. … #2. Islamic Cairo. free. #2 in Cairo. … #3. Pyramids of Giza. #3 in Cairo. Find Tours & Tickets. … #4. Great Sphinx. #4 in Cairo. Monuments and Memorials, Sightseeing. … #5. Egyptian Museum. #5 in Cairo. … #6. Salah El-Din Citadel. #6 in Cairo. … #7. Khan El-Khalili. free. … #8. Saqqara. #8 in Cairo.More items…

Can you drink beer in Egypt?

Egypt prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places or shops, with the exception of hotels and tourist facilities approved by the Minister of Tourism. While the law doesn’t succeed in limiting the sale of alcohol exclusively to hotels, it stymies the growth of the alcohol industry.

Is Egypt cheap or expensive?

While you can spend money on luxury resorts or private tours, it’s entirely possible to travel through Egypt on the cheap. In fact, you can easily spend as little as $30-$35 USD a day. The biggest way to reduce costs is to stay in dorm rooms or hostels.

How much is a Coke in Egypt?

Cost of Living in EgyptRestaurantsEditDomestic Beer (1 pint draught)30.00EG£Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle)50.00EG£Cappuccino (regular)27.85EG£Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle)5.43EG£62 more rows

What should you not do in Egypt?

What NOT to do in EgyptDon’t… ride a camel at the Pyramids. … Don’t… take a guided tour of the West Bank of Luxor. … Don’t… climb Mount Sinai for sunrise. … Don’t… visit Philae Temple by day. … Don’t… tell your cab driver you’re an atheist. … Don’t… smoke Cleopatra cigarettes. … Don’t… try molokhiya (Jew’s mallow) … Don’t…

How expensive is food in Egypt?

Average Daily Costs While meal prices in Egypt can vary, the average cost of food in Egypt is E£98 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Egypt should cost around E£39 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

What language is spoken in Egypt?

Modern Standard ArabicEgypt/Official languages

Is Egypt cheaper than India?

India is 14.1% cheaper than Egypt.

What food do they eat in Cairo?

The Best Street Food Delicacies in CairoKoshary. Koshary is a uniquely Egyptian dish that is made of a mixture of rice, macaroni or spaghetti, lentils and chickpeas, covered with a spicy tomato sauce. … Taameya. … Kofta Kebabs.

How much cash should I bring to Egypt?

Cash wise, I’d bring about $500-1k all in $20’s or $50’s and exchange about $50-$100 at a time just to be safe so you don’t have any money in EGP when you leave(you can’t exchange it back to USD).

How long does Egypt visa take?

Then you can already submit your visa application for Egypt, but the application will then be put on hold. It will then be processed exactly 30 days before your planned date of arrival by the immigration service of Egypt. As soon as the application is approved, your visa for Egypt is valid for 90 days.