Question: Can A Female Sing Tenor?

Can females sing in falsetto?

It is an established fact that women have a falsetto register and that many young female singers substitute falsetto for the upper portion of the modal voice.

The sound for a female modal register, and their falsetto register is quite similar, so it is often not recognized as falsetto even if it is..

What is the rarest female voice type?

contraltoFor classical and operatic singers, their voice type determines the roles they will sing and is a primary method of categorization. In classical music, a “pure” contralto is considered the rarest type of female voice.

Can females sing baritone?

Generally that means female voices of tenor range but baritone included in this as well. We are rare, the lower the rarer and more wanted! The alto typically ranges from F3 to F5, where tenor ranges from C3 to C5. … ‘Female baritone’ is almost the standard voice type for mature Broadway actresses!

What is the female equivalent of a tenor?

A contralto’s vocal range is almost identical to that of a countertenor, while a woman who sings lower still might be called contralto profundo, equivalent to a male tenor, or even contralto basso, equivalent to a baritone, but all these distinctions are full of variation.