Question: What Gun Do You Use For Squirrel Hunting?

Do you need camo to hunt squirrels?

Camo doesn’t seem to matter much but I usually wear some sort camoflague just to hide stains and because it just seems like if you’re hunting you should be in camo, maybe it’s just me.

IMO camo is necessary for cat squirrels.

Fox squirrels not so much.

Squirrels aren’t too bright..

Is 600 FPS enough to kill a squirrel?

600 fps is good at 25 yards on squirrels you just gotta hit em in the head or heart. birds are easy with anything from 350 fps and up.

What months can you eat squirrel?

legalities aside, i believe that some states only close the squirrel season for 2 months a year. i think those months are usually march and april. several states have a spring season that usally opens in may.

Is a 12 gauge good for squirrel hunting?

The larger the gauge, the more power the gun packs. … Among adult hunters, the 12-gauge shotgun is the most popular for squirrels, but a . 410 would be a better choice for a child, a young teen, or a small adult. Choose the right shotgun loads for squirrel hunting.

Can you squirrel hunt with a 22 rifle?

22 rifle is suitable at all times for squirrel hunting, think head shots, many hunters prefer to use a shotgun loaded with #6 pellets at this time of year in order to capitalize on shot opportunities presented by squirrels that are moving in the treetops behind a thin veil of leaves.

What is the best way to hunt squirrel?

7 Hot Tips for Hunting SquirrelsFind Food. Squirrels prefer white oak acorns, but they’ll eat the nuts from a variety of other oak species as well. … Go Slower. … Stay Longer. … Have the Right Tools. … Hunt with a Friend. … Go Early. … Choose Your Day.

Will pellet gun kill squirrels?

Squirrel can cause furor many times, but if you live close to civilization, then you cannot use your . 22 rifles or firearm to take care of these pets. However, in order to kill the squirrel with Pellet Gun, this is the solution to this problem as an air rifle.

What is the best time to go squirrel hunting?

The best time of year for squirrel hunting is early- to mid-fall as they begin to stockpile food for the winter. Squirrels are most active early in the day as they scavenge for food, with a lull in activity during the warmest part of the day. You may also find them foraging in the early afternoon right up until dusk.

What size shot should I use for squirrel hunting?

7 1/2sShot size is always a topic of debate. Some hunters prefer to saturate a squirrel with 7 1/2s while others prefer to blow holes completely through them with #4s. While 7 1/2s will undoubtedly kill squirrels, the smaller shot loses a lot of thump at longer ranges.

Is 8 shot good for squirrel hunting?

You can hunt rabbit or squirrel with #8 shot, but I prefer 7 1/2 or 6, especially for longer ranges. #8 ,while it will work is better suited for dove or quail. Most stores sell the cheap promotional loads in both 7 1/2 and 8 shot.

Is 4 shot too big for squirrels?

Rabbit and squirrel For higher treetop squirrels, larger shot like No. 5 shot is perfect. Many hunters prefer also the even-larger No. 4 shot, but remember as the shot size goes up, you also have less pellets and more holes in your distance patterns.

Can I kill squirrels in my yard?

While trapping squirrels is illegal in most states, it is legal to kill a squirrel with a snap trap in almost every state. The states that permit trapping typically require that you kill and dispose of the squirrel on your property when it is captured.

What is the best caliber for squirrel hunting?

Any rimfire or centerfire varmint rifle from . 17 M2 to 6mm Remington is adequate for shooting ground squirrels. The best caliber will depend on the range and conditions, especially wind.

What choke is best for squirrel hunting?

ModifiedFull or Modified is normally what squirrel hunters pick. It will give you a killing pattern at longer range. The down-side is, it will also blow game apart at closer range.

What is the best 22 rifle for squirrel hunting?

Ruger 10/22Best Overall 22 Rifle: Ruger 10/22 It’s ideal for hunting rabbit and squirrel and you can easily fit just about any scope to it. It’s accurate, well-liked by other hunters, and pretty much universally seen as a winner. Ruger builds many different versions of the 10/22.

How do you humanely kill a GREY squirrel?

Captured squirrels should be humanely destroyed by guiding them to one end of the trap, where they can be killed with an air rifle, or the traps can be emptied into a sack and the squirrels dispatched through a swift, heavy blow to the head. Non-target species should be released immediately.

Is 5 shot good for home defense?

For home defense, anything classified as bird shot might not be your first choice, as it does not penetrate as well as heavier shot, such as 00 buck. #5 lead shot is a versatile shot, but as with all ammo, make sure lead is okay to use where you plan to hunt, so you don’t walk away with a hefty fine.

What is the best shotgun for squirrel hunting?

Winchester Model 37. Any shotgun will work just fine for squirrel hunting. Tote a Perazzi to the hickories, if that’s your thing. But a single-barrel introduced during the Great Depression gets my nod as the best squirrel-hunting scattergun of all time.