Question: What Is The Superlative Degree Of Strong?

What is the comparative degree of strong?

The comparative form of strong; more strong.

I’ve gotten much stronger since I started lifting weights a few months ago..

What is superlative degree examples?

The superlative is used to note which of the things is of the highest quality or degree. … Some superlative forms of adjectives or adverbs are irregular. For example, the superlative form of good is “best.” Examples of Superlative: Marcus is the tallest boy in the class.

What is the superlative degree of serious?

Comparative and superlative adverbsAdverbComparativeSuperlativequietlymore quietlymost quietlyslowlymore slowlymost slowlyseriouslymore seriouslymost seriously

What is the superlative degree of big?

One syllable adjectivesAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativetalltallertallestfatfatterfattestbigbiggerbiggestsadsaddersaddest

What is the degree of strong?

Thus, the positive degree of the adjective strong is strong. … Thus, the comparative degree of the adjective strong is stronger. 3. The superlative degree is formed by adding est to the positive degree.

What is the superlative of dead?

Dead can NOT be used in comparative sentences: ” He’s deader than me. ” You are either ‘dead’ or not; you can not be ‘dead-er’ or ‘more dead’ than someone. Dead is therefore an example of an absolute adjective – adjectives that can not take a comparative or superlative (‘dead-est’) form.

What is the superlative of difficult?

Some rules about forming comparatives and superlativesAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativedangerousmore dangerousthe most dangerousdifficultmore difficultthe most difficultexcitingmore excitingthe most excitingridiculousmore ridiculousthe most ridiculous

What is the superlative of famous?

Adjective. famous (comparative more famous, superlative most famous) Well known.

What is the degree of beautiful?

Comparative degree example: She is smarter than her sister….Adjective Degrees of Comparison List.Degrees Of Comparison ListPositive DegreeComparative DegreeSuperlative Degreebeautifulmore beautifulmost beautiful32 more rows

What degree is most positive?

The Three Degrees of ComparisonPositive DegreeComparative DegreeSuperlative Degreehappy (adjective)happierhappiestprecise (adjective)more precisemost precisefast (adverb)fasterfastestmerrily (adverb)more merrilymost merrily2 more rows

What is the degree of much?

Irregular comparatives and superlativesAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativebadworseworstlittlelessleastmuchmoremostfarfurther / fartherfurthest / farthest1 more row