Question: Which Course Is Under Commercial Department?

What are the courses under Art?

These are top Art courses for Art students in secondary schoolCreative and Visual Arts.English.Political Science.Psychology.Theater Arts.Linguistics.Music.Mass Communication.More items…•.

Can I study political science WIthout economics?

Yes! It is true that you can study Political Science without Economics but there is more to this answer. … But if a course requires Economics as a compulsory subject combination, then it is expected that you must have credit… Don’t let anyone deceive you.

What job has the highest salary in the world?

Here are the top 25 best-paying jobs of 2020, according to U.S. News & World Report.Anesthesiologist. Mean salary: $267,020 per year.Surgeon. Mean salary: $255,110 per year. … Oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Mean salary: $242,370 per year. … Obstetrician and gynecologist. … Orthodontist. … Psychiatrist. … Physician. … Prosthodontist. … More items…•

What are the career opportunities for commercial students?

Job Prospects for Commerce StudentsChartered Accountants.Chartered Financial Analyst.Company Secretary.Loans executive.Human Resource manager.Certified Financial Planner.Economist.Venture capitalist.More items…

Which course can I study without government?

Courses that you can study without Government as an Art studentAccounting.Banking and Finance.Business Administration.Business Management.Cooperative and Rural Development.Demography and Social Statistics.Geography.Industrial Relations.More items…•

What can I study with civic education?

Most of the courses (lectures and seminars) are theoretical in focus, offering basic knowledge in individual social science disciplines which form the basis for expertise in civic education: these include philosophy, religious studies, political science, sociology, history, economics, law, ethics and intercultural …

Can I write civic education in jamb?

No Civic Education in UTME Subjects As a result, they want to sit for Civic in the place of Government. Unfortunately, this is not possible. JAMB doesn’t include Civic in the list of its subjects for admission seekers. Instead, you have Government, History, and the likes.

Can a commercial student study philosophy?

Yes! If you are a Science, Commercial or an Art student, you can study Philosophy at the university provided you have the required subjects combination in your O level result.

What is a career opportunity?

“Career opportunity” and “growth opportunity” mean different things to different people. What job seekers are looking for include: On-the-job learning opportunities. Tasks that allow for skills development. … Formal learning and development programs.

What is the best course for commercial student?

Psychology. Psychology is one of the best commercial course to study at university. … Marketing. Marketing is one of the best commercial course to study at university. … Economics. … Mass Communication. … Human Resource Management. … Office And Information Management. … Transport and Planning. … Political Science.

What course can a commercial student study without economics?

ART COURSES TO STUDY WITHOUT ECONOMICSArabic and Islamic Studies.Christian Religious Studies.English and Literary Studies.Fine and Applied Arts.Foreign Languages and Literature.French.Hausa.History and International Studies.More items…

What are the commercial subjects?

The best subject combination for Commercial StudentsEnglish Language.Civic Education.Economics.Accounting.Commerce.Biology or Agriculture or Geography.Government.A trade subject.

Which course can I study WIthout literature?

Reasons Why Art Students Search for Courses they can Study WIthout Literature in EnglishAnthropology.Arabic studies.Arabic Language.Archaeology.Christian Religious Studies.Fine and Applied Arts.Creative and visual arts.Environmental Science.More items…•

Which study is best for future?

List of the best degrees for the futureEngineering degree. Electrical engineering. … Information technology degree. Computer science. … Finance / business degree. Finance. … Medicine / healthcare degree. Pharmacology.

What are the courses under commercial department?

These are the list of commercial courses for commercial students in NigeriaAccountancy/Finance/Accounting.Accounting.Actuarial Science.Actuarial Science and Insurance.Business Administration/Marketing.Business and Entrepreneurship Studies.Business Management.Business Management/Management Science.More items…•

What subjects do I need to study political science?

JAMB UTME subject combination to study Political Science must include: Government/History….Now, these are the subject combination for Political Science:English Language.Government/History.Mathematics.Economics.CRS/IRS.Any Nigerian Language.Literature in English.A trade subject.

What are the commercial subject in secondary school?

Below are all the commercial subjects students can offer in Nigerian secondary schools: English Language. General Mathematics. Marketing.

What are the trade subjects?

These are the list of trade subject for O level/WAECAnimal husbandry.Auto body repairs.Auto mechanic.Auto electrical work.Automobile parts merchandising.Block laying, bricklaying and concreting work.Bookkeeping.Carpentry and joinery.More items…•

Can civic education replace government?

No thorough studies of the current state of civic education in our schools yet exist. … While it is true that history, economics, literature, and other subjects do enhance students’ understanding of government and politics, they cannot replace sustained, systematic attention to civic education.

Is government compulsory for commercial student?

Compulsory WAEC Subjects For Commercial students: Commerce, Government.

What are the careers in commercial department?

There are various career opportunities available for people in the job market, but this book will look at different categories of careers opened to commercial students….This could be:Economics.Insurance.Management.Banking.Finance.Actuarial Science.Accounting.Industrial Relations.More items…•