Quick Answer: Can A Friend Function Be Virtual?

What are the characteristics of friend function?

Characteristics of a Friend function:The function is not in the scope of the class to which it has been declared as a friend.It cannot be called using the object as it is not in the scope of that class.It can be invoked like a normal function without using the object.More items….

Can a friend function be a member of another class?

A function or class cannot declare itself as a friend of any class. In a class definition, use the friend keyword and the name of a non-member function or other class to grant it access to the private and protected members of your class.

What is friend function example?

We can also use a friend Class in C++ using the friend keyword. For example, … When a class is declared a friend class, all the member functions of the friend class become friend functions. Since classB is a friend class, we can access all members of classA from inside classB .

Why do we need a friend function?

The keyword friend is a function specifier and gives a non-member function access to the hidden members of the class, and provides a method of escaping the data hiding restrictions of C++. However, you must have a good reason for escaping these restrictions, as they are both important to reliable programming.

What is a friend function What are the merits and demerits of friend function?

What are the merits and demerits of friend function? A friend function is the friend of the given class which can access all the public, private and protected variables of that class in which it is declared. … It is able to access members without need of inheriting the class.

Can friend function be overloaded?

In the case of a friend function, the binary operator should have only two argument and unary should have only one argument. All the class member object should be public if operator overloading is implemented. Operators that cannot be overloaded are . .

What is the difference between friend class and friend function?

A friend function is used for accessing the non public member of a class. A class can allow non-member function and other classes to access its own private data by making them friend A Friend class has full access of private data members of another class without being member of that class.

What holds true for friend function?

A friend function of a class is defined outside that class’ scope but it has the right to access all private and protected members of the class. Even though the prototypes for friend functions appear in the class definition, friends are not member functions.

What do you mean by friend function and virtual function?

Virtual functions cannot be static members. They are accessed through object pointers. They can be a friend of another class. A virtual function must be defined in the base class, even though it is not used. The prototypes of a virtual function of the base class and all the derived classes must be identical.

Which rule will not affect the friend function?

In principle, private and protected members of a class cannot be accessed from outside the same class in which they are declared. However, this rule does not affect friends.

What are pure virtual functions?

A pure virtual function or pure virtual method is a virtual function that is required to be implemented by a derived class if the derived class is not abstract. Classes containing pure virtual methods are termed “abstract” and they cannot be instantiated directly.

What is a friend function and what are its advantages?

What are advantages of using friend classes? – The friend function is a ‘non member function’ of a class. It can access non public members of the class. A friend function is external to the class definition. … Allows sharing private class information by a non member function.

Can a friend function be private?

A friend function can be declared in the private or public section of the class. It can be called like a normal function without using the object. A friend function is not in the scope of the class, of which it is a friend.

Why friend function should be avoided?

1) Friends should be used only for limited purpose. too many functions or external classes are declared as friends of a class with protected or private data, it lessens the value of encapsulation of separate classes in object-oriented programming. 2) Friendship is not mutual.

What is virtual function explain with example?

– A virtual function is a member function that is declared within a base class and redefined by a derived class. When a class containing virtual function is inherited, the derived class redefines the virtual function to suit its own needs. … – Base class pointer can point to derived class object.