Quick Answer: Who Is Kim Taehyung’S Crush?

What is BTS most hated country?

vkook – PhilippinesBTS-vkook – Philippines is the most hated Country in the…

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Who is Jungkook’s girlfriend?

Ko Seo Hyun who was a former CUBE trainee girl when he was . This rumor started from a picture of Seo-hyun that somebody posted on the internet. Seeing the image, some netizens identified her as Jungkook’s girlfriend.

Who is Jennie Kim’s boyfriend?

Jennie Kim dated South Korean boyband member Kai from EXO. The two reportedly dated from October 2018 to January 2019. SM Entertainment, EXO’s management company, confirmed the couple’s relationship in December 2018 after the two were photographed on a date together.

Does Kim Taehyung like Jennie?

No. No one knows, if he does then we should all support and not bring both Jennie and Taehyung down. But it’s unlikely, considering their both in very famous groups. If rumors comes out about these two liking each other or dating, blinks and armies would do so many crazy things.

Does IU like JungKook?

IU will obviously love all her fans one of which is Jungkook because he is a very big fan of hers just like we are of BTS. And If we take a look at Jungkook, he likes her but as an idol, someone whom he admires just like he admires G-Dragon.

Who is Taehyung ideal girl?

He wants a girlfriend who is kind and compassionate. Someone who takes care of herself mentally. By “talks nicely”, we think that he means someone intelligent over everything else. It looks like internal qualities are the most important part to V’s ideal partner.

Why is V called V?

Taehyung picked the letter V because he said it stands for Victory. Early BTS before debut no one was sure if he was going to be included inn the BTS lineup. … He choose V because our stands for Victory. He also has the nickname TaeTae.

Who is Kim Taehyung celebrity crush?

Who is V’s celebrity crush? When he’s not performing, recording, or writing music, V is one of the BTS members who loves watching movies. … One of those is the star of The Notebook and Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams, the same celebrity crush as his fellow BTS performer, Jimin.

Is BTS V single?

The one to have caught our eye is BTS member Kim Tae-Hyung, also known as V. Fans have been curious and very interested in knowing if V is dating anyone and his current relationship status. There have been many rumors sparked on his relationship status. … So as of now, V is single and can not be dating anyone so far.

Who is Jimin wife?

Nicole lee ParkNicole Park Jimin’s wife. My name is Nicole lee Park. I’m 22 I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.

Why is V so quiet?

1)Yes, Taehyung has lost a few people who were really close in his life and that’s probably why he’s ‘quiet’. Being an idol doesn’t necessarily give you the time to grieve, so when he’s feeling sad he can’t just get up from an interview and leave.

Is BTS V color blind?

It was reported that Taehyung suffers from ‘monochromatic blindness’ meaning he could only see shades of gray and it’s like seeing the world through an old black and white television screen. … There are three different types of colour blindness and subtypes but none of which apply to him, according to a fan.

Does Jungkook like IU or Lisa?

While Jungkook is obviously a fanboy of IU, there is no evidence that Jungkook loves IU or Lisa. Just because Jungkook looks at a female idol or even speaks to them DOES NOT mean that they are suddenly in a relationship.

Did Taehyung dated Jennie?

They are not. I’m pretty sure jennie won’t jump into another relationship after Kai. Plus they’re both busy. Even Taehyung said they barely have no time for sleeping so it would be hard for them to date at this point.

Who is BTS V’s crush?

Rapper Suga named Scarlett Johannsson as his crush. Meanwhile, V, who named Rachel McAdams as his crush too, also named Lily Collins and finally the youngest member of the BTS group, Jungkook, couldn’t remember the name of his celebrity crush at that time.

What does Kim Taehyung like?

– He doesn’t like coffee, but loves hot cocoa. – He likes anything that is unique. – Taehyung is the pickiest eater out of all the members.