Which Part Of Jamaica Has The Best Beaches?

What’s the best month to visit Jamaica?

The best time to visit Jamaica is during the start of ‘winter’, November to mid-December, with temperatures averaging 80°F.

Peak season begins mid-December and ends mid-April, which is a great time to vacation in Jamaica if you don’t mind the crowds..

What attracts Jamaica people?

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Jamaica At Least OnceMile of breathtaking beaches. … Experience the tropical warm weather. … Delicious Jamaican food. … Attend Dancehall street dances or live Reggae shows. … Jamaican culture is one of a kind. … Go rafting down the Martha Brae River. … Range of water sports and activities. … Dive in the Blue Lagoon.More items…•

What is the newest resort in Jamaica?

Sandals Montego BaySandals Montego Bay, the Newest & Hottest Resort in Jamaica.

Which all inclusive resort in Jamaica has the best beach?

Top Destinations Royalton Negril. Round Hill Hotel & Villas. Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Jamaica by Karisma. Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa. Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island. Couples Swept Away. Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall. The Caves Negril.More items…•

Which is the most dangerous Caribbean island?

10 Of The Most Dangerous Cities In The Caribbean1 Caracas, Venezuela. Currently, the State Department advises tourists to not travel to Venezuela and rightfully so.2 Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. … 3 Kingston, Jamaica. … 4 Basse Terre, St. … 5 San Pedro Sula, Honduras. … 6 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. … 7 Laventille, Trinidad & Tobago. … 8 San Juan, Puerto Rico. … More items…•

What should I avoid in Jamaica?

7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in JamaicaExploring the island by cab. Montego Bay/Oyster. … Eating non-local seafood. Negril/Oyster. … Avoiding roadside jerk shacks. Negril/Oyster. … Only staying in Montego Bay. … Expecting punctuality. … Sticking to an all-inclusive vacation. … Walking around Kingston at night.

What places to avoid in Jamaica?

Places to Avoid in JamaicaKingston – Kingston is Jamaica’s capital city, and it’s BUSY! … Montego Bay – Just like Kingston, Montego Bay is a popular tourist destination as there are many cool hotspots, but it’s also known for pickpocketing.

Is Montego Bay or Negril beaches better?

Montego Bay is a busy city with tourism secondary. If the plan is to enjoy the all that the all inclusive has to offer and not get off the grounds much then truthfully it really doesn’t matter as both have great choices. Negril caters to tourists well and also has a larger, more walkable beach.

Which resort in Jamaica has the best food?

Best All-Inclusive Hotel Cuisine in JamaicaHalf Moon. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica. See more prices. See less prices. … The Caves. Negril Jamaica, Jamaica. See more prices. … Sandals Royal Plantation. Ocho Rios, Jamaica. See more prices. … Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica. See more prices. … Hotel Riu Negril. Negril Jamaica, Jamaica. See more prices.

What is the cheapest month to go to Jamaica?

AugustHigh season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Jamaica is August.

What part of Jamaica has the clearest water?

Doctor’s Cave beachDoctor’s Cave beach is Jamaica’s oldest established beach, and one of its prettiest. With none of the frills of the other beaches mentioned before, Doctors Cave is the beach for the purist. Beautiful, with the clearest, bluest water imaginable, this is the beach to go to for a pure beach experience.

Where do celebrities stay in Jamaica?

Celebrity Getaway Hotels in JamaicaRockhouse Hotel. Negril Jamaica, Jamaica. See more prices. … Half Moon. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica. See more prices. … Geejam. Port Antonio, Jamaica. See more prices. … Round Hill Hotel and Villas. Hopewell, Montego Bay, Jamaica. … Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Where do the rich live in Jamaica?

The neighborhood of Spring Farm is an ultra-exclusive very high-end area in the hills above and very close to the Half Moon Resort, a spectacular luxury complex nestled on a 2-mile beach outside of Montego Bay. Homes in this area range between $ 1 million and $ 2.5 million.

Which is better Ochos Rios or Negril?

Ocho Rios is the more “all round” destination. Nice beaches, tons of attractions, many restaurants, a better nightlife and a wider shopping experience. Ochie is more upbeat and Negril is more laid back.

Which part of Jamaica is the best?

Where to Go in Jamaica: 5 Destinations You Can’t MissNegril. Arguably one of Jamaica’s most beautiful (and laid-back) beach destinations, Negril is popular among honeymooning couples. … Montego Bay. Affectionately known as MoBay, Montego Bay is a good point of entry to Jamaica. … Kingston. … Port Antonio. … Ocho Rios.

What Caribbean island has the most beautiful beaches?

Best Caribbean BeachesU.S. Virgin Islands.Turks & Caicos.British Virgin Islands.Bahamas.Anguilla.Cayman Islands.St. Vincent & The Grenadines.Aruba.More items…

What is the most beautiful part of Jamaica?

16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in JamaicaNegril Beach & the Negril Cliffs. Negril Beach. … Rafting the Martha Brae River. Rafting the Martha Brae River. … Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls. … Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. … Port Antonio. … Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay. … Blue Hole, Ocho Rios. … Rio Grande River.More items…•

Which city in Jamaica is best to stay?

Negril is probably the best for first time visitors. … Runaway Bay has become much more popular in the last 5 or so years. … Montego Bay is most likely the airport you’ll be flying into. … Ocho Rios is the most popular cruise ship port in Jamaica. … Ochi is a cruise ship port but is close to some well known tours and such.More items…

Where is the clearest water in Caribbean?

Exuma, BahamasExuma, Bahamas, is home to over 365 islands and an abundance of crystal clear Caribbean water. Visitors can even swim with pigs at the famous Big Major Cay.

What is the prettiest island in the Caribbean?

The Most Beautiful Islands in the CaribbeanGetty. Jamaica. Many people use Jamaica as their entry into the Caribbean, whether its for a food crawl or an exclusive trip to GoldenEye (one of our favorite small resorts in the world). … Getty. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

What is the safest resort in Jamaica?

4 Places In Jamaica That Are Super Safe (15 That Are Just Plain Dangerous)1 Point Lucea Has A Lot To Offer.2 Port Antonio Is Probably Okay. … 3 Runaway Bay Can Help Make Good Memories. … 4 Portland Is A Safer Pick. … 5 Treasure Beach Is A True Treasure. … 6 Falmouth Is A Cruise (And Crime) Stop. … 7 Staying In Negril Isn’t Ideal. … More items…•