Why Can’T I Log Into DeviantArt?

Is DeviantArt offline?

Deviantart.com is UP and reachable by us.

The above graph displays service status activity for Deviantart.com over the last 10 automatic checks.

The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.

If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline..

How do I reactivate my DeviantArt account?

To reactivate your account:Log in to your account.Go to your Account Settings found in your drop-down menu.Click “Reactivation” under the Personal section.Input your password, and confirm your password.Click “Reactivate my Account.” Welcome back!

Why is DeviantArt not working?

DeviantArt loading incorrectly In worst cases, your browser may need to be reinstalled. If you have any browser extensions or plugins installed, please be sure to disable all of them completely. One or more of these may be interfering with the site, causing the page not to load as it should.

DeviantArt possesses no ownership claim in any submission and cannot grant you any license or permission for use. Only the artist may do so. … All original works found in the DeviantArt galleries are the copyrighted property of the submitting artist.

How do you download things on deviantart?

Downloading content If a deviation or submission has downloadable content, click the arrow beneath the main image to download available content. Clicking the arrow will prompt a download.

Is DeviantArt dying 2020?

The site is definitely not dead. I’ve been active on there–on and off–for nearly 15 years and the website has changed a lot and people have been calling it dead for years now but it’s still going. They have lost a lot of once-active members, but the amount of “art” that’s posted has exploded.

Though there is a case to be made that that DeviantArt is still a popular platform—it’s still one of the top 200 websites in the world—many artists feel that in 2019, the site is not the same.

Why is DeviantArt Eclipse bad?

eclipse is bad, in fact it is not user friendly at all, it looks like a blank page with a bunch of random pictures on it, navigating the site is difficult and there are a lack of options to do so in galleries and favourites (for example putting oldest first or searching through pages) most importantly I swear some …

What is my DeviantArt password?

How can I retrieve a forgotten password?Request a Lost Password email by clicking on the “Login” link in the right of the DeviantArt header.Click on the “Forgot your username or password?” link below the login form.Provide your username.Click the “Send Email” button.A password reset email will be sent to you to your email on file.

How do I log into DeviantArt?

Create a DeviantArt Account in 4 Steps!Click “Join” in the top right corner of DeviantArt.com!Pick out your (super awesome) username and fill out the rest of the form!Be sure to read the Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy and click the box to agree!Click “Join.”

What is Eclipse DeviantArt?

Welcome to DeviantArt Eclipse. … Discover a World of Art Dive into a reality where only one thing matters–the art. New Design. New Features.

Is Deviantart banned in Pakistan?

So it appears that one of the popular website for artists, deviantart has been blocked by ‘authorities’ in Pakistan. … Yes, there is content on this site that might offend some people but that doesn’t mean that other people/artists should suffer because of this.

Why is Deviantart not showing images?

Check if one or more of our servers is blocked. Go to Options > Content. Under the section “Load Images automatically” click on the Exceptions button. Make sure that none of our servers are blocked.

How do I change my deviantart settings?

Hover over your username and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Select “Browsing” on the menu, under “Personal” to configure your settings.